Healthy eating is compatible with enjoyable, day-to-day life. Life is too short to deprive yourself of the pleasures of good food and drink. I hope this blog will help you see that food and drink can be indulgent, delicious, satisfying and nutritious.

I strongly believe that it is important both for the planet, and for our own wellbeing, to try to eat seasonal, local foods as much as possible. Of course, it’s not always possible to do this, and many of the recipes I use require the addition of exotic or recherché ingredients, and that is fine from time to time. It is good to be aware of the origins of the produce you use, though. Exercise your choice to buy British; supermarkets are now good at labelling the origin of their produce; go to your local greengrocer and tell him you want to buy British or try your local Farmer’s Market. Find out where your meat comes from and buy the best you can afford,  organic if you can. It is better for your health.

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Paleo Bread

I am trying to cut down (or cut out really) my wheat intake – it’s pro-inflammatory and the modern supermarket stuff is not terribly good

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Courgetti ragù

I love this pasta sauce. The oldest girl requests this when she comes back from school as it reminds her of home, and smells so

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Asian salad

We had a delicious pot roast chicken at the weekend when the boy came home unexpectedly and we needed to feed him up with something

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green vegetable on brown wooden chopping board

Spring a Leek

The leek is a wonderful vegetable currently in season and often overlooked for its more exotic counterparts.  A member of the allium family, but milder in

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assorted cookies with chocolate and strawberry on top

Finger on the Pulse

After the crash weight-loss madness of January, it’s probably time to look at more sustainable ways to lose weight.  To help us lose weight, and

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Rock the Kasbah

Our half term break spent in Marrakech seems a lifetime away on this cold, wet November morning. The husband and I have been before, but

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Better than a takeaway

My husband has berated me for my blogging content this week, as my recipes are neither seasonal nor local. However, in my defence, it is

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burned charcoals

Barbecue Season

It’s a bank holiday, it’s warm outside, the garden looks lovely, the builders next door are temporarily quiet and the trampoline has arrived and been

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bunch of cereals

Cereal Killers

As a Nutritional Therapist, parents always want to know what I feed my children for breakfast. We all know that cereal isn’t the best choice,

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Sugar Rush

There was an interesting article published in The Times this week (The fructose timebomb: it’s sweet drinks that are making our children fat | The

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Herbily Ever After

Supermarkets chillers are full of them, neatly stacked in their sanitized plastic containers.  But how often do you actually utilize the whole packet? Oh, you

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green-leafed plant

Rhubarb Rhubarb

I always think the arrival of British forced rhubarb signifies that Spring is not far off. It’s cheering colour is such a contrast to other

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cereal and three buns

Breaking Bread

Last weekend I was really looking forward to celebrating the end of austere January and welcoming in February with a bacon sandwich. Not just any

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New Year, New You?

I don’t know about you, but January for me is a time for new beginnings. After the excesses of Christmas and New Year, I like

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