I saw Natalie earlier in the year to address some weight issues that need resolving. Natalie produced an easy-to-follow, inspiring programme with lots of exciting and healthy recipes that resulted in me losing my excess weight and increasing my energy levels. I am still following her programme as it fits so well into my daily life, and am really enjoying my delicious daily green juices which seem to help me keep the weight off and feel energized. I would definitely recommend you see Natalie if you would like to lose weight sensibly and feel invigorated.  HELEN, SW13

About a year ago I went to see Natalie as I was feeling a bit under the weather, and had a few pounds to lose. Natalie was really good at explaining exactly why her recommendations would help me lose weight, and I came away from the consultation with a much better understanding of how my body works. I was so pleased to see my shape change as I followed my programme, and the follow-up consultation a month later gave me lots more ideas and recipes to follow to keep my new eating regime exciting and inspiring. I’d definitely go and see her again if I felt I was slipping back into my old ways of eating. Natalie knows her stuff, and if you love food, and want to try new ingredients and exciting recipes, she’s definitely the person to go and see.  JUSTINE, SW14